Are you sick and tired of sponsoring events or vendor/exhibitor booths and getting minimal or no return? Are you tired of having people walk…no run by your booth? Do you want to truly engage prospective and existing customer and leave every event with more than a handful of contacts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to maximize your events, exhibits, booths and sponsorship's and how to truly engage your prospective/ existing customers at your next event. Bottom line, I will show you how to have fun and get results.



During this session you will learn how to design an event or exhibitor booth experience that will recruit, engage and retain customers. You will also be provided with lead generation strategies that you can implement to ensure that your event/ sponsorship yields return. Learn what to do before, during and after the event to ensure maximum exposure and profitability.



Provide your vendors with additional value that they can use for events and years to come. Train your vendors on the Art of Vending and Delivering an Experience that leaves your attendees wanting more. Have your vendors and attendees looking forward to your next event. This training will also help you increase attendance as attendees are trained on how to draw prospective customers to attend as a means to further connect and drive them to purchase.


Simple Strategies for Retaining Lifetime Customers

This training provides business owners with the tools and information they need to implement processes and procedures to ensure the seamless onboarding and retention of new and existing customers. Attendees will learn about free and low-cost tools and resources that they can use to make this process seamless.


Other Topics To Consider…

- Change Starts With You

-  Strategic Public Speaking To Activate Your Team

-  More Than A Gate-Keeper: Director of First Impressions

- From Motivation to Manifestation: Action Planning That Gets Results


Simple Sales Strategies That Get Results

Do you dread the S word...SALES?   


 Are you tired of hearing No or dealing with clients that always want a lower rate?


 Do you often find yourself struggling to generate new leads because your stuck in fulfillment, servicing existing clients, with little time for prospecting? If you want more clients/revenue and you want to know how to attract, recruit, engage, up-sell and retain customers, then this workshop is for you! Join us for this interactive sales and marketing workshop, where you will learn how to simply your sales efforts, while generating leads and servicing your existing customers with excellence. I believe in keeping things simple and using what you already have to get results.


This program will teach you how to...


• Establish a strong sales foundation

• Generate sales leads with ease and where to find qualified leads

• Create and implement a simple, yet strategic 5 Step Sales & Marketing process that will produce results. s

• Overcome Objections

• Learn how to leverage your existing network to grow your business/ generate revenue.


*** You will also receive a list of free/ low cost tools that you can immediately implement to become more efficient and effective in your sales and marketing efforts.

Kisha L. Allen is a highly sought after and recommend business and relationship strategist. Kisha's workshops and seminars are created and designed to produce results. Her Purpose Branding techniques are guaranteed to move one to action. I would highly recommend Kisha L. Allen to speak at any professional event, company, or organizations desiring to achieve growth and revenue. She is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, woman of faith. In addition, Kisha is a recognized branding and leadership strategist. 


~ Denise Banks, Independent Essential Service Broker/ Board Chair at North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce

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