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The YOU Experience was birthed from my own experiences. After years of struggling and trying to find balance in my marriage, family, life and business, one day I realized what the issue was...ME. After doing some soul searching, establishishing a relationship with God, getting focused and taking action, I was able to tap into my true authentic self. It was in this space that I found love, joy, peace, happiness and success. It was here that I discovered real freedom, my true power and was able to be led by my internal GPS. 


YOU are the common denominator in your life, business and relationships...CHANGE YOU...change your life, your business, your community and ultimately the world."


"YOU Already Have Everything You Need To Be Successful!"

The YOU Experience Programs:


*** All training programs will be tailored to your individual/ company culture and to meet/ address to the needs of your staff/ company. All programs are interactive, fun, and filled with a wealth of information.

The YOU Experience: Strategic Networking That Gets Results (In Person & Online)


Are you constantly disappointed when your networking efforts yield no results? It’s time to STOP NETWORKING & START CONNECTING!!! Learn how to create the networking experience you want and how to use every networking opportunity to your advantage (in person and online). No matter who you are...YOU MUST NETWORK! Networking gives us access to people, which ultimately gives us access to information, resources and opportunities. 



Week 1: The Mindset Shift: Stop Networking & Start Connecting


Week 2: Developing A 30 Second Grammy Winning Elevator Pitch


Week 3: Effective Online Networking Using Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn


Week 4: Your Brand & It’s Role In Networking


Week 5: Leveraging Your Existing Network To Grow Your Business


Week 6: Delivering Your “YOU Experience” To the World


Week 7:  Networking Before, During & After the Event


Week8: Establishing Strategic Alliances & Partnerships


The YOU Experience: Purpose Branding


How do you differentiate yourself, tap into who you truly are and build a distinctive brand in a world filled with clutter and competition? How do you capture the attention of the "right" customers or employers? You do it with a purpose brand that is based on the 3P's...your purpose, passions and personality. If you're a business owner, a purpose brand will help you efficiently and effectively attract, recruit, engage and retain loyal customers. If you're an individual/ business professional a purpose brand will help you identify your purpose, gifts and talents, so that you can maximize them in your career,  live the life you were called to live and standout from other candidates in the job interview process.


Purchase your workbook and strategy session today to...

* Shift the way you see branding....move from personal branding to purpose branding.
* Better understand and identify what makes you UNIQUE. Identify your true gifts, passion, talents, skills, values and abilities...NOT YOUR JOB TITLE or labels that others have given you. Knowing your true authentic self is the foundation of a great brand.
* Learn how to use social media to enhance your brand/ build your platform over the next 30 days.


When I approached Kisha about speaking to my Leadership class on networking, I fully expected her to give some great advice that the students would be able to use in the future. I knew that she would be pleasant, professional and maybe even throw a joke in there to keep the mood lightened. Kisha far exceeded any expectations that I could have had. She connected with my students on their level, was able to quickly adjust to any changing priorities in the discussion and left a lasting impression on my entire class. One student said that Kisha was "the best speaker she had heard since she had been at Westwood." This speaks volumes of Kisha's ability and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a speaker for any event.      


Sequoia Houston, MBA, Adjunct Faculty, Westwood College

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