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COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Release Your Potential to Create 

Creativity and innovation are at the core of who you are.

You are one idea away from a promotion or solving a problem that plagues your department and/or organization. Each of us has the potential to be profoundly creative. However, the reason that very few tap into this creativity is because it requires courage and vulnerability. For those Divergent Leaders that desire to be a value to the organizations and communities they serve, they should work to cultivate creativity. Creative leaders breed movements and drive innovation. They find new solutions to old problems, while considering the bigger picture. They also ask powerful questions that engage and ignite creativity in others. To disrupt the industry that you serve, you must operate in a heightened level of creativity.


During this interactive session, participants will…

  • Understand the relationship between imagination, creativity and innovation

  • Learn simple ways to cultivate creativity and generate new ideas

  • Learn how to overcome creative roadblocks as a means to stir creativity


Communication skills are critical for in the success of any relationship. if you desire to be successful, you must learn to communicate efficiently and effectively. The DiSC personality assessment is a profound tool that can be utilized to help you become a master communicator at home and at work.


*** All workshop participants will take the DiSC assessment before the training.

During this session, participants will...

  • Identify and better understand their DiSC personality

  • Learn key strategies on how to best communicate with other personalities

  • Learn to motivate your self and others

  • Learn how to enhance team work, reduce team conflict and minimize misunderstandings


Studies show that people leave jobs because of bad managers, but this is only half of the truth. If your organization struggles with employee retention, performance or leadership issues, check your culture, training, systems, and communication or lack thereof. Understand that leaders are by-products of the organizations they serve and without proper training and resources, they will always fail. Yes, some may be born leaders, but even great leaders must be trained, corrected and continuously nurtured. This training is designed to equip leaders with the tools and information needed to have a profound impact in their organizations. In a market that is always changing, it's important to have strong, emotionally intelligent teams, comprised of self-actualized thought leaders that create trends and embrace change as their norm.





By the end of this session, you will…


  • Understand the attributes of an effective leader and how to lead your team 

  • Understand how to leverage your influence and skills to cultivate and empower a cohesive team of productive thought leaders, while driving results 

  • Learn how to help your team find fulfillment in their work 

  • Understand how to build a team of driven, self-motivated team members that perform at a high level inspiring healthy competition 

  • Understand how to increase team productivity and redirect ineffective performance


Every day we're challenged with the task of producing more with seemingly less time and resources, causing many people to find themselves in a place of burnout or lacking fulfillment. While time seems to be going faster, we all still have the same number of hours each day and more resources at our fingertips than ever before, to produce the results that we desire. But how do you do this in a world filled with tons of distractions and demands? The truth is, there are no short cuts or tricks, but proven disciplines that will help you increase your productivity, while achieving balance. While many say that achieving work/ life balance is impossible, this training will provide busy professionals with proven ways to effectively prioritize and manage tasks to improve their life, business performance and relationships. 


During this session, participants will learn...

  • Proven disciplines for effective prioritization and better time management

  • How to cultivate work/ life balance without sacrificing productivity or increasing stress

  • How to set realistic deadlines and the importance of communication in the process

  • How to effectively determine the level of urgency of a task

  • How to align your thoughts and words with your intended outcomes to drive results


Everyone desires to be the greatest version of themselves, but many will struggle over their lifetime to achieve this place of self-actualization. Abraham Maslow suggests that as individuals find satisfaction in the five areas of their basic human needs, they change and experience greater levels of growth, ultimately reaching self-actualization. What I have come to find is that many times these stages of growth are disrupted by life experiences and the whirlwind of emotions that come with them. Because of emotional immaturity, many people are unable to think clearly, make effective decisions and solve problems. In most instances, it’s your feelings that cause you to lose focus and miss opportunities. This is why emotional intelligence is the key to achieving higher levels of self-actualization and has often been linked to higher levels of performance.


During this session, participants will learn


  • Simple steps to better manage their emotions and feelings, so they can accomplish tasks and projects efficiently and effectively

  • The eight competencies of emotional intelligence and how to reach higher levels of efficiency in each area

  • How to live authentically, leveraging their strengths and cultivating the best parts of themselves

  • How to conquer stress and live more fulfilled through a state that Maslow refers to as a peak experience

THE MYNDSET SHIFT: Divergent Thinking for Thought Leaders (Critical Thinking Revisted)

The mind is the only thing that separates you from computers and animals. It is an invaluable asset that yields immeasurable results when strengthened and utilized. While the brain is powerful, it is highly underutilized as people are relying more on machines to do all the thinking for them. As a result, we are running on autopilot with very little thought, causing everything being produced to look the same. We’ve become a copy and paste society/ economy, operating beneath our potential. We are stifling our creativity and ability to truly innovate, making it harder to truly stand out in the marketplace. The good news is, there’s a solution. We must train people to think divergently, to think and create from the fullness of their being and a means of developing new and unusual concepts, products and ideas to disrupt the marketplace. 


During this session, participants will learn…

  • Understand how to courageously become a free-thinker to generate a myriad of bold, new, creative, unique ideas and solutions 

  • Learn how to avoid common decision-making and problem-solving barriers

  • Identify the most effective ways to conduct research, gather information and identify the best solutions

  • Learn how to effectively use a SWOT analysis to select the best ideas and solutions

Kisha is a ball of motivational, inspirational and infectious energy. She causes you to want to change and do more and be better at being you. Her style of presentation draws you in and makes you feel comfortable and confident, even if you lacked confidence initially. Kisha would be great for any business event in which the goal is to  drive and empower business owners, employees, management and even support staff.
~ Natalie Dyer, Licensed Professional Counselor at The Potters House & Dyer Need