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As a person comes into knowing who they are, their skills, talents and what their capable of, they will become more confident. As their confidence grows and develops they will become better leaders and communicators. Help your team love themselves and they will easily love others...meaning better, more compassionate leaders and managers. As your team members tap into their true authentic selves, they will value themselves and want more from life, causing them to want to set goals and achieve want to work harder because they value their name and what it stands for. As they value life, they value time and be better managers of that time.


Traditional personal development programs focus on personal development from an external perspective. They focus on things like communication skills, goal setting, how to become a better leader, time management, how to build trust, etc. All of those are necessary, but none of these things deal with the root of the issue, the actual person and their internal development, which is where real growth actually starts. I believe that if you develop a person from the core of who they are, all of the skills that we teach when we think of personal development will show up automatically/ be easier for them to learn. 


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I reached out to Kisha after reading all the great things people had to say about her, I just had to get a glimpse myself, and I am so glad that I did! I have never came across such a stranger with the zeal to "speak life" and grant strategy to everyone she encounters. I took so much from our encounter, I will forever be grateful! Kisha's words, "I stop my life for people," how amazing is her spirit? I recommend Kisha to anyone looking for counsel in their lives, she's going great places in this life, I'm just glad to be one amongst many to have met her.   


~ Sasha Blevins, Certified Coach at Reinvention and Purpose Coach

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