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During MYNDFULLYFIT365 we'll cover topics like living positively (positive mindset/ activity, overcoming your past (re-framing your story), living in the now, empathy and compassion, gratitude, commitment, living with joy, self-confidence/ awareness, grace, love, the discipline of relationships, effective communication skills, values, forgiveness, perseverance, leadership, trust, emotional intelligence, creativity, choices/ problem solving/ decision-making skills, faith, living with expectation, fear, self sabotage, respect, kindness and more. You'll get 52 weeks of mindful teachings and activities to help you live with purpose, focus and clarity. This program is designed to ignite hope and cause us to live consciously, valuing life and those we come in contact with. Get 28 days for free to see if the program is right for you (December 1, 2016 - December 28, 2016). Register below. After day 28, if the program is a good fit for your 2017 goals, sign up for $199.00.



Also check out the following programs...


MYNDFULLYFIT365 GUIDED MEDITATION CLASSES help you to relax, gain clarity and relieve stress.


MYNDFULLYFIT365 CORPORATE programs work to reduce burn-out, negativity and stress, while helping employees develop mentally, emotionally, personally and professionally. As your team develops works to improve mental clarity, you'll see improved collaboration, workplace satisfaction, productivity and engagement. Host a class at your next team building, health fair or employee event. Full programs or single classes are available.


Kisha Allen is a dynamite powerhouse! She delivers her messages with such honesty and transparency that proves she is passionate about what she does.  She is a true inspiration! "

~ Cheryl Roseborough, Owner/ Founder of Blyss Agency & Self Esteem Elevated (S.E.E.)


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