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What is Manifesting MORE and what should I expect?

Manifesting MORE is a 28 day (4 Week), virtual vision and action planning  process that ends with a live, interactive strategy session. We have FOUR ONLINE SESSIONS, held Sunday at 7:30 PM (11/18, 11/25, 12/2 and 12/9) via conference call and Zoom webinar. We wrap up on Saturday (12/15/18) with a LIVE, Interactive Creativity Session that will be held at a venue in Dallas, TX - location to be announced. Those that are outside the state or country can join us for this LIVE session via live feed.

Each week you will receive instructions and be held accountable for completing each assignment. Our time will be spent talking strategy to bring your vision to pass. Manifesting MORE is designed to help you tap into your true creative nature, so that you can birth new ideas and overcome fear. The goal is to help you begin living at maximum capacity. During this process, your mindset will be shifted, you'll take ownership of your future, you'll gain clarity of vision and devise a strategic action plan to bring your vision to pass. We will disrupt unproductive patterns and stop self-sabotage in its tracks.It’s time to give your ideas, purpose and vision legs. It’s time to TAKE ACTION and MOVE!


Who should attend?

Any purpose driven man or woman that is tired or settling and wants to experience MORE in any area of their life. Any man or woman that is ready to bring their vision to life.


***Contact us at 469.910.5567 or for group pricing. Please note that all ticket sales are final; however, tickets can be transferred to another attendee.

If you have found yourself frustrated with where you are, wanting MORE in life, register for Manifesting MORE today. This event is for every person that isn't where they want to be and you feel as if you've tried everything. If you're tired of the hype of sermons and conferences and you're ready for real change, register today! It's time to step outside your past and grab hold of your future. It's your time to live a life filled with peace and clarity, knowing and living fully in and on purpose.

Give me 28 days and I will help you...

Overcome fear and self-sabotage. 

Clearly recognize and breakdown debilitating thoughts and unproductive patterns that are keeping you stuck. No more self-sabotage.

Gain clarity of your purpose and the work you are called to do in the earth.

You will get undeniable clarity. Your Spirit will be stirred, igniting the power and authority resting on the inside of you.

Outline an action plan to bring your vision to life. 

Walk through a strategic process and be equipped with tools/ resources to develop an action plan to bring your vision to pass.

Write a faith-filled vision that will fuel your passion and accelerate your results so that you can have massive impact in the world.

You will understand why your vision is important and how to write it, so that you can experience it. This will fuel you in those moments of discomfort and discouragement.

Take ownership of your life and make sustainable changes, so that you can walk in freedom and reach your highest potential.



Kisha L. Allen is a highly sought after and recommend business and relationship strategist. Kisha's workshops and seminars are created and designed to produce results. Her Purpose Branding techniques are guaranteed to move one to action. I would highly recommend Kisha L. Allen to speak at any professional event, company, or organizations desiring to achieve growth and revenue. She is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, woman of faith. In addition, Kisha is a recognized branding and leadership strategist. 


~ Denise Banks, Independent Essential Service Broker/ Board Chair at North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce

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