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This exciting Transformative Telesummit was hosted by Lori Pelzer. 

Listen to it from the comfort of your own home.

~Just like a butterfly transforms itself by pushing its way out of the cocoon, YOU can transform by breaking free from the cocoon of those things that are keeping you from being Your Best Woman! 

~Just like the caterpillar making its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly, you will metamorphose into the successful conscious Woman in your business & life you've ENVISION & Destined to BE!



I reached out to Kisha after reading all the great things people had to say about her, I just had to get a glimpse myself, and I am so glad that I did! I have never came across such a stranger with the zeal to "speak life" and grant strategy to everyone she encounters. I took so much from our encounter, I will forever be grateful! Kisha's words, "I stop my life for people," how amazing is her spirit? I recommend Kisha to anyone looking for counsel in their lives, she's going great places in this life, I'm just glad to be one amongst many to have met her. 


~ Sasha Blevins, Certified Coach at Reinvention and Purpose Coach

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