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Maximize Your Events, Vendor/ Exhibitor Booths & Sponsorships to Get More Customers 


Give Your Customers An Experience That Leaves Them Wanting More!



  • Tired of doing the same old thing at vendor/ exhibitor events? Tired of sitting at your booth while people just pass you by? Tired of leaving events with few or no real, quantifiable leads?

  • Do you sponsor various Chamber of Commerce, non-profit, neworking or community events throughout the year, but havent been seeing a return on the investment?

  • Do you want to be able to kill two birds with one stone...bring on new customers and engage existing ones?

  • Do you want to have fun at events while doing business?

  • Do you want to STAND OUT from the crowd and OUT-SHINE the competition at events?

  • Do you want to be memorable and engage your customers?

You've come to the right place!!!


Let me help you MAXIMIZE your investment and bring personality and fun to your events. Stop hosting, sponsoring and attending events without an engagement strategy! I will show you how to use every event, vendor/ exhibitor booth and sponsorship to attract, recruit, engage and retain customers.

Contact me at 972.926.3124


Exhibitor/ Vendor Strategy Session

I contacted Kisha recently at but have known of her brilliance for over three years because of the relationship between Royal Catering and the Garland Chamber of Commerce. She has always been a supporter of our business. So when our business needed help standing out at a trade show, I called Kisha. With her help we realized our unique selling position and maximized our tradeshow booth because of her tips and suggestions. Her confidence inspired in me a sense of confidence that helped me in reaching my goals for the show. I would recommend you give her a call because I know Kisha can help everyone build better and stronger business strategies.


~ Amanda Padron, Event & Exposition Specialist

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