The Code of Discipline

Foundational Principles for Developing Divergent Kingdom Leaders

Release Date: 05.30.19


Now more than ever, many believers are living beneath their kingdom potential, stuck in the poverty of unfilled purpose and struggling to access provision for their visions. This shouldn’t be the case for kingdom citizens because our Father is the Creator...of everything. The Code of Discipline exists to help you achieve success and live with greater productivity in every area of your life – spiritual, professional and personal.


As you read and ingest this book, you will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of discipline.  This book will show these principles and how to cultivate them, so that you can manifest the predestined promises of God in your life, ultimately positioning you to live with purpose and fulfillment.  Areas where dysfunctional discipline exists will be exposed and reprogrammed to condition your soul while bringing it into agreement with your spirit. As this reprogrammingoccurs, you will become more disciplined and you’ll cultivate habits that produce kingdom outcomes. Thus, moving you into the maturity that disciplines ultimately brings by breaking the cycles of excuses, procrastination, immobilization. Now, it’s time for you to fully embrace your kingdom potential and to do this, you must have discipline. The Code of Discipline is a book to remind you that you were created to live with power, love and self-discipline.

The 3Dimensions of Man


Understanding Your Purpose, Highest Potential & Power

Release Date: 06.30.19

As I’ve conduct trainings, facilitated meetings and spoken at events, there is one question that I am consistently asked, “How can I find my purpose? I can’t fathom anyone living without purpose, when it’s literally, right there on the inside of you. To understand the full measure of purpose, you must first understand that you are tripartite, a 3 dimensional being – spirit, soul and body. Because of this reality, we cannot continue to talk about purpose from a one-dimensional perspective. This is why many continue to struggle with accessing the freedom they have been promised. You must understand and take ownership of the fact that each of these dimensions serves a purpose in fulfilling God's will and purpose for your life. This is why the 3 Dimensions of Man was written. This reference book seeks to answer those tumultuous life questions that keep you up at night. It will give you a road map to begin charting your journey with assurance and clarity. 


By the end of this book, you will understand each dimensions purpose in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven. Understand that when you submit to the Holy Spirit, he uses each of these dimensions to fulfill God's predestinated purpose for your life.


Manifesting MORE

Creating the Life Your Desire from the Inside Out

We all want the same thing…MORE! But how do you access it? Many have gotten discouraged and frustrated along the way to destiny and some have even given up. Regardless of where you are on your way to destiny, Manifesting MORE is your guide to accessing and creating the life you desire and were predestined for. This book is for every visionary and follower of Christ that longs to live and freely create. As you read this book, you will be shifted to a new level of awareness and consciousness. Your mindset will be shifted, causing your body and soul to move into alignment, allowing you the freedom to reach your highest potential. By the end of this guide, you will walk in a new level of power and authority, ready to pursue and overtake, to call things into existence and claim what’s rightfully yours. 

By the end of this book, you will understand each dimensions purpose in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven. Understand that when you submit to the Holy Spirit, he uses each of these dimensions to fulfill God's predestinated purpose for your life.


Created to Network

Strategic Networking for Purpose Driven Networkers

NETWORK YOUR WAY TO DESTINY! Stop just talking about purpose and live it! Whether you are a college student, job seeker, business owner or professional, networking is not just a necessity, but a responsibility. Created to Network is designed for purpose-driven individuals, who are ready to live at maximum capacity. You have everything you need in your possession right know to fulfill your purpose if you would simply choose to live consciously. By the end of this guide, you will understand how to authentically connect and allow life to draw you into its symphonic flow of divine connections. This guide will show you how to strategically leverage and grow your existing network, create your purpose brand, design an award winning elevator pitch and develop an effective social media strategy to enhance your networking efforts.


Kisha L. Allen is a highly sought after and recommend business and relationship strategist. Kisha's workshops and seminars are created and designed to produce results. Her Purpose Branding techniques are guaranteed to move one to action. I would highly recommend Kisha L. Allen to speak at any professional event, company, or organizations desiring to achieve growth and revenue. She is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, woman of faith. In addition, Kisha is a recognized branding and leadership strategist. 


~ Denise Banks, Independent Essential Service Broker/ Board Chair at North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce