What is the DISRUPTION?

The “church” is in a state of emergency, operating beneath their kingdom potential. We have allowed the world’s culture to infiltrate the “church”, making it hard to distinguish the church from the world. As a body we have moved so far away from God’s intended will and purpose because we have refused to read the word for ourselves and challenge things that are out of alignment. We have become stagnant, fearful, and indecisive. As a result of a lack of revelation, we are settling for any and everything and we aren’t doing the work or walking out the vision that God has given us.


This is why a DISRUPTION is necessary. It’s time out for hype-filled conferences designed to move or excite your soul. This meeting is designed for the remnant - those remaining few, purpose-driven people that are ready to take ownership of who they we're called to be in the Spirit.

Don’t go into 2019 stuck in the same cycles. If you’re a spiritual leader that’s ready to get a running start on the new year and be equipped for a life of kingdom impact, then this event is for you. If you're done making excuses and allowing fear to reign over your life, then this meeting is for you. You can no longer keep doing the same thing, expecting different results. If you are truly ready to live in the abundance of God's promises and impact the earth, then meet us at the DISRUPTION.

This interactive training is designed to help participants...

• DISRUPT UNPRODUCTIVE THOUGHTS AND PATTERNS THAT ARE KEEPING YOU STUCK, WHILE CHALLENGING YOU to take hold of your authentic identity, EMPOWERING you to face your fears, and EQUIPING you to pursue your vision with courage, so that you can finally do the work you were created for.

• Understand real life application of spiritual (kingdom) principles and patterns, so that you can live boldly, by faith. We will challenge what you “know” to be true and the half-truths that are fueling your life.

• Learn how to identify and confront distractions that are barriers on your journey to destiny. Stop allowing external factors to influence your purpose, assignment and vision. No more excuses.


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Kisha L. Allen is a highly sought after and recommend business and relationship strategist. Kisha's workshops and seminars are created and designed to produce results. Her Purpose Branding techniques are guaranteed to move one to action. I would highly recommend Kisha L. Allen to speak at any professional event, company, or organizations desiring to achieve growth and revenue. She is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, woman of faith. In addition, Kisha is a recognized branding and leadership strategist. 


~ Denise Banks, Independent Essential Service Broker/ Board Chair at North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce