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Have you found yourself frustrated with where you are in your life, career, business or relationships?

Do you feel as if you are meant for or deserve MORE?

If so, register for Manifesting MORE today! 


What is Manifesting MORE and what should I expect?

Manifesting MORE is a 21 day intensive program, that starts on October 7th and ends with a live, interactive group strategy session on November 3rd. This event is for purpose driven individuals that desire to live with greater levels of fulfillment and to have massive impact in the world. If you're tired of hype-filled sermons and/ or conferences and you're ready for real change, register today! It's time to move beyond motivation and into manifestation...step outside your past and grab hold of your future. It's your time to live in and on purpose, so that you can live a life overflowing with peace, clarity and abundance.


Manifesting MORE will help you overcome fear, so that you are able to tap into your true, creative nature and birth new ideas. This program will help you begin living at maximum capacity. During this 6 week process, your mindset will be shifted, you'll take ownership of your future, gain clarity of vision and devise a strategic action plan to bring your vision to pass. We will disrupt unproductive patterns and stop self-sabotage in its tracks. It’s time to give your ideas, purpose and vision legs. It’s time to TAKE ACTION!



Weekly Virtual Meetings (Via Phone and Video): November 3, 2019 thru November 30, 2019 from 7:30 PM till 8:30 PM

Week 1: Alignment

Week 2: Assignment

Week 3: Agreement

Week 4: Action

Saturday Live Event - Group Strategy & Action Planning Session (Location TBA - Dallas, TX): November 3rd from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Its a think tank on steriods. The session location will be determined by September 1st, so that participants are able to plan accordingly. This will help us to slect an appropriate space based on the number of registrants. For those that are unable to attend the live event, we will stream live via Zoom.

Weekly Assignments and Accountability:

Each week participants will have an assignment to complete. In addition, Community Conversations are available each week for those that desire additional coaching, support or insight.


Who should attend?

Any man or woman that is tired or settling and wants to experience MORE in any area of their life.

During the Manifesting MORE process, you will…

  • Receive wisdom that will help you fully take hold of purpose and identify your assignment. You will receive undeniable clarity that will stir your Spirit, igniting the power and authority resting on the inside of you.

  • Clearly recognize and breakdown debilitating thoughts and unproductive patterns that are keeping you stuck. It's time to overcome fear and self-sabotage.

  • Take ownership of your life and make changes that are sustainable, so that you can walk in freedom and reach your highest potential.

  • Write your authentic vision. The one that hasn’t been influenced by external factors or bills. You will go through an immersive vision planning process and be challenged to consider the possibilities and depth of your assignment.

  • Walk through a strategic action planning process and be equipped with tools and resources that will help you bring your vision to pass.


***Contact us at 469.910.5564 or for group registration and/ or pricing. Please note that all ticket sales are final; however, tickets can be transferred to another attendee.



Manifesting MORE at Work; Attributes of High Performance Leaders

Studies show that people leave jobs because of bad managers, but this is only half of the truth. If your organization struggles with employee retention, performance or leadership issues, check your culture, training, systems and communication or lack thereof. Understand that leaders are by-products of the organizations they serve and without proper training and resources, they will always fail. Yes, some may be born leaders, but even great leaders must be trained, corrected and continuously nurtured. This training is designed to equip leaders with the tools and information needed to have profound impact in their organizations. In a market that is always changing, it's important to have strong, emotionally intelligent teams, comprised of self-actualized thought leaders that produce results to stay ahead of and establish trends. To do this, you must have competent, emotionally intelligent, self-actualized leaders with influence leading the charge and modeling the behaviors that you desire to duplicate throughout the organization.

Learning Objectives:


  • Understand the attributes on an effective leader and how to lead among your team

  • Understand how to leverage your influence and skills to cultivate and empower a cohesive team of productive thought leaders, while driving results

  • Learn how to help your team find fulfillment in their work 

  • Understand how to build a team of driven, self-motivated team members that perform at a high level inspiring healthy competition

  • Please contact with questions or for group registration/ rates.

Kisha L. Allen is a highly sought after and recommend business and relationship strategist. Kisha's workshops and seminars are created and designed to produce results. Her Purpose Branding techniques are guaranteed to move one to action. I would highly recommend Kisha L. Allen to speak at any professional event, company, or organizations desiring to achieve growth and revenue. She is a fun-loving, creative, energetic, woman of faith. In addition, Kisha is a recognized branding and leadership strategist. 


~ Denise Banks, Independent Essential Service Broker/ Board Chair at North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce

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