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Transformational spEaker.


Beyond Motivation, LLC is a highly sought-after, faith-based training and development firm, owned and operated by Kisha L. Allen. We develop and deliver, transformative, thought-provoking training programs, steeped in conversations that get to the root of the issue and that move people to take ownership of the content, so that they are more apt to implement what was learned. We train thought leaders that desire to have massive impact in their lives, businesses, careers and relationships. Beyond Motivation, LLC was formed to disrupt unproductive habits and patterns, in an effort to help more people reach their highest potential and live fulfilled. We offer affordable, strategic, and holistic interactive training experiences that energize and move people to take action. 


Kisha L. Allen, a Dallas, TX native is a transparent, passionate, and energetic woman of excellence with a huge smile that lights up a room. She is a Corporate Trainer by trade and a Teacher by gifting that challenges people to rise up and take ownership of the power that lies within them, so that they can move beyond motivation into manifestation. Kisha is also an author that is committed to creating programs that help business professionals and owners transform their lives and disrupt patterns and/ or habits that may be limiting them from being successful, finding peace or leading a more fulfilled life. She works diligently to help others live with greater productivity and discipline, so they can reach their highest potential.

Kisha has helped train thousands of leaders on all levels, from executives to administrative assistants to gain clarity of vision and purpose, so that they can lead themselves first and ultimately be cultivated into high-level leaders that drive change in their homes, communities, jobs and businesses.

She holds a Bachelors in Business from Texas A&M ‐ Commerce, a Graduate Marketing Certification from Southern Methodist University, and is a certified DDI and Achieve Global trainer/ facilitator. Kisha also has over ten years of experience leading, coaching, mentoring and training.  She worked for a local Chamber of Commerce for over eight years where she coordinated networking events and facilitated connections. Over her career history as Director of Member Services, a Corporate Trainer and a National Recruiting Manager, she learned how to network and build relationships that provided her access to resources, advanced her career and created new opportunities. As a result of building strong professional and personal relationships, Kisha continues to live a full life. 



"If you haven’t worked with Kisha, you don’t know what you’re missing! Kisha makes work fun. She thinks on her toes and always has new/ innovative ideas for business owners. She makes connecting and building relationships look easy. She has a wealth of business knowledge and if she doesn’t know it, she will learn it. Kisha is personable, professional, always follows-through and very well-spoken. Everyone knows that if you want something done, just call Kisha."

Dee Dee Bates, Owner, Dee Dee Bates State Farm Insurance

"Kisha L. Allen is an awesome business strategist . She has provided me with suggestions and techniques to help me take my business to a new level. I highly recommend Kisha." 


~ Larry Hall, Consultant, Business Advisor & Owner of DNet


It is my pleasure to recommend Kisha Allen as a partner. Kisha's professionalism serves as a valuable asset with solidifying partner relationships. Kisha has provided great information and has facilitated a smooth transfer of information from her organization to ours with her keen communication abilities. I recommend Kisha without reservations. I am confident that she will establish productive relationships with any organization.

Katrina Wade-Miller, Assistant Regional Director, North Texas SBDC

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