KISHA L. ALLEN is an experienced Corporate Trainer, Spiritual Teacher and Transformational Speaker with over 15 years of experience. She trains, builds up and equips divergent leaders to effectively build powerfully productive teams that fuel change and get results. Kisha provides many personal and professional development training programs that focus on concepts like dissent, divergent (critical) thinking, communication/ conflict management, emotional intelligence, spirituality, and productivity. 


When you book Kisha as a Speaker, Teambuilding Facilitator or Trainer, she will...

  • Generate excitement, create brand awareness and positive impressions of your product/ brand

  • Interact and engage your audience or team, providing them with a full brand experience

  • Effectively communicate key messaging, benefits and features of your brand

  • Wear branded paraphernalia and maintain a professional appearance

  • Move and equip your audience or team to take action.


We also develop training programs for small businesses or organizations that don't have a training department. We train on everything from 

from mandatory Sexual Harassment Avoidance to Safety Policy  to Leadership and Self Skills. Contact us today for more information.

CLICK HERE to download a printable version of Kisha's speaker's request form or complete the online form to request Kisha for an upcoming event.


I had the opportunity to hear Kisha speak at the ACCE Conference in Oklahoma City. She definitely gains the respect of her audience when speaking. Her knowledge of customer relations and attention to detail kept me wanting to hear more. Kisha has a personality that exudes confidence with a friendly personal touch. I’ve really enjoyed hearing Kisha’s new idea on membership service within the Chamber world. Keep up the great work, Garland must be proud to have her on their team!


~ Tammy Giorgio, Membership/ Operations Assistant at Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry




Kisha is a dynamic speaker who can captivate the attention of any audience.  When she spoke to our middle and high school leadership students, they were engaged and came away inspired to better themselves and the community around them.


~ Sarah SponselHarmony Science Academy Garland

Kisha is on top of her game, which allows her to help you get on top of yours. She is a no-time-waster. She sees the potential in us as business entrepreneurs, and plants the right seeds to allow that growth where needed. Kisha is an amazing accountability partner who will hold you to your goals/dreams until you reach them. If you haven't had a chance to hear her speak, I advise that you follow her and attend any and all events that she will be at. She has a mind-set that we all wish for.


~ Jami Bryant, Founder/CMO at Fit & Prosperous